Large haystack bursts into flames north of Hillsdale

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HILLSDALE, Wyo. (KGWN) - Five Laramie County fire districts responded to a fire north of Hillsdale Thursday, after more than a ton of hay burst into flames.

It happened around noon, at County roads 143 and 217, when a haystack with about 270 bales of hay caught fire. The area is part of LCFD 6’s coverage, but districts 1, 2, 3, and 5 also responded to help. Firefighters eventually contained the fire, but as of Thursday evening, the haystack is still burning. All districts but LCFD 3 have crews still present and monitoring the fire through the overnight hours.

LCFD 2 Fire Chief Jason Caughey says heavy smoke will persist in the area while the stack burns. He adds that’s while the cause is not yet known, spontaneous combustion is a possibility with a haystack this size. Each of the 270 bales is about the size of a car and, in total, the stack weighs about one and half tons.

No injuries were reported in the fire.