Lawmakers consider lowering speeding fines and adding police training fees

CHEYENNE, Wy.KGWN)- During the 2018 Legislative session Lawmakers will consider simplifying how speeding tickets are written and reduce the fees with them.

The current law has 9 different speeding categories relating to road types and locations where the driver is caught speeding. Each of those can have up to 40 different fine amounts.

The new system proposed would only include 3 categories: general speeding, school zone, and construction zone. With these categories the fines start at a reduced flat rate and would increase based on the speed.

The Supreme Court says that the approximate 20% decrease this bill would create will impact the county school fund. When looking at fiscal year 2017 fines equaled about $3,700. Therefore the court believes this 20% decrease could mean a $750,000 decrease for this fund per year.

House bill 93 would also add on to this speeding amendment by adding a $5 fee to all speeding tickets to help law enforcement continue education.

Revenue from this fee would be deposited into an "Enterprise Fund" that would result in a reduction of fees charged to Law Enforcement Academy/training center students.

According to the Supreme Court, there were approximately 45,000 paid speeding citations in 2017. Therefore, the additional continuing education fee would generate approximately $225,000 in revenue for the Enterprise Fund.

The Attorney General’s office states that with the increased revenue generated by the bill’s proposed fee, it would offer savings to Academy/training center students and reduce fees these students pay to attend courses.

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