Legislature passes budget

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Lawmakers said they needed to save the budget bill. And to save the bill, it meant compromising. But it wasn't all easy. Senator Bill Landen says he knows every decision they make affects our state.

“The budget process was long and arduous and difficult.” Landen said, “You never get out of it what you hope you're going to get but you know, that's the democratic process.”

Especially when it comes to education - last week we told you the Senate proposed over 90 million in cuts to education that proposal was one of those compromises.

“We came all the way to 45 million,” Senator Landen added, “And we're going to ask our districts to take some reductions over the next two fiscal years.”

“We didn't want it all at once,” Representative Lloyd Larsen said, “And they said yes we get that but we need to do something and that really is important because the education discussion is just getting heated up.”
That means school districts will have more time to implement those cuts. Representative Larsen says the main goal was balancing the budget.

“We saved about 40 million this year and that will equate to about over 100 million next year,” he said “So that puts us right on target to be living within our means.”

The bill now heads to Governor Mead. The governor can veto parts in the bill. If he changes anything, the bill will go back through both the Senate and House.