McDonald's switching to fresh beef confuses some on social media

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CHEYENNE, Wy.(KGWN)- McDonald's is making a change to one of its iconic burgers, and it has some on social media a bit confused.

The fast-food giant announced that, by the middle of next year, all of its quarter pounders will be served with fresh, not frozen beef, and cooked fresh to order.

McDonald's tested the "fresh beef" concept at hundreds of its restaurants in Oklahoma and Texas. Now, the concept will spread to what McDonald's calls on twitter, a "majority" of its restaurants.

The company's CEO says the move is part of plans to better the experience for customers, but the announcement had some on twitter wondering what they have been eating all this time. Customers are also asking what McDonald's means by most of its U.S. restaurants.

A company spokesperson clarified that locations in Alaska and Hawaii won't make the switch for logistical reasons.