Multiple fire crews respond to fire at local business

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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (KGWN)- Multiple fire crews responded to reports of smoke at a local business. The call came in shortly after 6:00 PM at 18th and House Avenue after someone in the home spotted flames coming up through the floor.

The older home is one of the many downtown renovated into a business. It’s the location of Chella Bella's Hair Salon and The Good Wax. Fire crews did not find an actual fire when they arrived, but did find smoke and haze inside the business.

Cheyenne Fire and Rescue's Fire Chief Greg Hoggat says this is the worst kind of situation.

"There's smoke coming from behind the walls,” Hoggatt tells CBS NewsChannel 5, “Which means we have to open up areas of the house to look for that smoke. If we open up one area and find a wall or that it goes into the basement, then we have to the bottom side and keep opening up. We're chasing this thing all through the house."

After exposing bits of wall from outside and inside the house, firefighters did find the origin of the smoke and put it out. While Chief Hoggatt says it has all the indications of an electrical fire, the actual cause is still under investigation

Meanwhile, The Good Wax said via their Facebook page that they expect to be back up and running in a day or two.