Mustangs looking forward to CABA tournament, last year 'a let down'

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Cheyenne, Wyo.- The CABA World Series is bringing 17 baseball teams to Cheyenne - a far cry from last years turnout that featured four baseball teams.

The tournament features teams across eight states including Wyoming.

The Mustangs say it's competition they wished they had last year, but are still grateful for the turnout.

"Last year was a let down and this year it's awesome to see we have enough teams to have a full tournament but it's a lot different feeling going in. We're playing teams that are not teams we have already played eight times last year or a team that was thrown together last minute. We're playing real baseball clubs with real players on them," said Brett Thompson, Mustangs third baseman.

Brett's teammate, pitcher and left fielder Parker Hamann, said it will be nice to see some competition from out of town.

"With being in Colorado and Wyoming from where we play it's nice to be able to see some different pitching and some different players so I think it's just going to be a real cool experience to see players from all over the country," said Hamann.