Mustangs parents fight back after Mayor Orr's Facebook post

Cheyenne, Wyo.- Late Tuesday night, after City Counsel overrode Mayor Marian Orr's veto relating to a future Caba World Series in Cheyenne, Orr took to Facebook saying the Mustangs are "whiners."

After the post caught flack from the community, Mayor Orr went back and revised the post to say the, "parents and coaches of the mustangs are whiners."

Parents and the community have not taken the post lightly because they feel that their kids have been directly attacked by a city official.

Mustangs parent Lisa Taylor says we need to be focusing on the kids and the positive example they continue to set for the community.

"These kids don't become good quality kids on their own. It really is the leadership of the parents and the coaches that have instilled this value of giving and love of baseball."