National Tech Jobs Tour visits Cheyenne

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CHEYENNE, Wyo.- Cheyenne was among 50 cities part of the National Tech Jobs Tour where national technology leaders are hoping to spread more awareness and support new innovative initiatives.

Tech Jobs Tour Advisor Megan Smith says there are about 600,000 technology jobs open in the United States and are not only fun, but pay about 50% more than the average American salary.

Smith was among several key note speakers to come to the Cheyenne Depot for the tour. Smith recently served under President Obama as United States Chief Technology Officer as well as Vice President at Google. She says although the tour is in Cheyenne for a day, it helps connect the ecosystem and brings the tech community together.

Although Wyoming is primarily known for its many jobs in the energy sector, Smith says tech jobs can really help Wyoming. She said for every tech job, you get five more jobs in your community. She added, "You've got companies, you've got training companies, you've got a university, you've got colleges, you have great people that if you come together you can just bring all these jobs into this region."

One of the speakers, Cynthia Lee who is a lecturer in the computer science department at Stanford University, says she's also hoping to expand computer science education to more students. Lee says it not only great to spark an interest at an early age, but having K-12 computer science requirements could also help the technology world flourish. Lee said, "We really need a new wave to come from the whole of America and that has to start with educating the kids."

The national tour is presented by Automatic and supported locally by Array School of Technology and Design as well as Wyoming Equality. For more information on the tour, visit the social media tag #AmericaIsHiring or follow the tour on social media at @TechJobsTour.