New House Bill to ban sanctuary cities across the state

CHEYENNE, Wy.(KGWN)- As we edge closer to the 2018 Legislative session more bills continue to be submitted. On Tuesday February 6, 8 bills were added on the house side.

One of the bills comes at a time when U.S. leaders in Congress are also debating immigration policies and funding the DACA recipient program.

HB105 looks at prohibiting sanctuary cities, towns and counties across the state.

The measure is sponsored by Rep. Jim Blackburn of Laramie County along with Representatives from Sheridan, Campbell, and Fremont counties. As well as Senator Hicks who represents Albany, Carbon and Sweetwater counties.

In the details of the bill it states that no governing body can implement or enforce any policy that prohibits or restricts local officials from communicating or cooperating with federal officials in regards to reporting immigration status information.

Anyone in violation of this will be at risk of losing state and federal funding.

Unlike most other bills this session, this act would go into effect immediately upon passage instead of July 1.

Also if passed each city, town and county must certify with the Secretary of State’s office that it is in compliance of the measure by July 1.

After July, the Secretary of State must report any governing body that fails to make the certification to the Governor and the Joint Corporation, Elections and political subdivisions interim committee.

The DACA program in Wyoming states that more than 600 young people have come forward to receive benefits.

According to 2016 data from the Center of Immigration Studies Wyoming doesn’t currently have any sanctuary cities. However, to our south, Colorado has 15 listed sanctuary cities and counties including Denver.

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