New President at the DDA

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Cheyenne, Wyo. - Alane West is the new President of the Downtown Development Authority. After being with the DDA since 2015, she says she is ready to make changes and put plans into place.

The "hole" next to the Hynes building in downtown is one of the first things on her list. They are calling it the "H2" project.

"That's part of the face of Cheyenne," Alane West said. "Everyone that comes to Cheyenne and goes to the Depot sees it. So we can't have it be another 30 years. We need to plan for this infrastructure. We need to look for funding and we need to commit. Because without that commitment, we will not get new development coming into the downtown district...I think this board will make the difference. We're the ground breakers. We are going to move forward and do development with the H2. Which doesn't mean you own a piece of property or that you'll hire a contractor, but we're packaging. We're putting it together so that someone with really good skill sets, a really good private sector developer can come in."

Other projects the DDA is working on include the development of downtown, i.e. the retention and the recruitment of businesses. And they are also working on the needs of other infrastructures.

And Alane says she is excited about the potential of her team.

"There are new board members that have come on that have extensive development background and/or skill sets that'll help us activate downtown and get some of the more development elements going in the authority."