A Cheyenne family says bullying at school is a problem

Cheyenne, Wyo. (KGWN) - A Cheyenne family reached out to the station regarding their concern about school bullying.

Ten-year-old Layne Flores, who attended Hebard Elementary, says that he was bullied and that one day it got physical. He explains, "I was running from one of the kids who was bullying me. He chased me down and then he grabbed me and pushed me up against a wall."

This boy says that the impact was hard enough to break his wrist.

Flores' mother, Kristin Sierocki states, "He’d started making comments that he’d rather die than be at school."

According to the family, they reached out to the school, but weren't helped. On the other hand, Chris Zimny, Violence Prevention Facilitator for Laramie County School District 1, says that the district cares about the students.

Zimny says, "If we find that the bullying did occur, there’s a couple of steps we do. First and foremost, is making sure their child is safe... Make sure the other student receives discipline for what they’ve done. But also get them help..."

Flores' family doesn't feel thought like their son stayed safe or that the bullies received discipline. They urge other parents to speak out if their children are being bullied.

If you have reached out to your principal and you feel like nothing is being solved, Chris Zimny encourages you to contact him directly at https://www.laramie1.org/bullying-3cf344c9/bullying-e8c2969d