Organ donation task force up for discussion in 2018 session

CHEYENNE, Wy.(KGWN)- One senate measure heading to the legislative session would create another Governor appointed Council.

If passed, Senate File 41 will create an organ donation promotion task force. This group would act much like Governor Mead’s current Endow Council.

The group would consist of 7 volunteer members appointed by the Governor.

Once appointed, each member will have a specific role in the task force. Overall though, the group will be creating a recommendation plan that addresses organ donation. The goal is to find out how Wyoming can increase organ donors, improve public outreach in regards of donor education and online information, and improving the overall donation system in the state.

The task force will compile their findings into a final action plan to be presented to the Governor in October of this year. The recommendation will be much like what the Endow Council did this past year with looking at diversifying the state economy.

The measure was put forth by the Labor, Health and Social Services Committee which includes 5 Senators and 9 Representatives.

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