Parents see their kids to class on the first day of school at LCSD1

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CHEYENNE, Wyo.- At Cheyenne's Henderson Elementary, it was obvious that the first day of school is a big day for everyone.

Wednesday, Aug. 24th started as a dreary day- a bit rainy and cloudy for the first day of class.

Several parents walked their little ones up to the school building, giving hugs and reassurance that their first day would go well.

Holly Gladen, a mother who watched as her child headed off to her first day of kindergarten, said it may have been more challenging for her than her child to say goodbye. Gladen said, "I think my daughter is a special case because she's like, 'K-bye, just let me go mom!'"

Gladen said she was bullied in school and was even more worried for her daughter to have a good first impression. She added, "I'm excited for her. I'm nervous as well."

It may be easy to assume the uncertainty of the first day creates many mixed emotions- not just for the student, but the parents, as well.