Protestors gathered at the Cheyenne Animal Shelter

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Cheyenne, Wy- A small group of protesters showed up at the shelter early Wednesday evening. While they have no personal connection to the dog they want those involved to be held accountable. Protesters held neon colored signs that read "We, want answers, and Justice for Tanner."

The group is also sending out a petition on social media. So far the petition has more than 3,600 signatures.

Alissa Cordova the creator of the Facebook page Justice for Tanner says she is deeply upset by what has taken place.

"There was no reason to cause this dog the stress and damage they caused him just for their own training purposes as they say. We have asked answers from him and he is refusing to talk to us and that's why we started the page and went full force with it."

Other supporters and advocates are encouraged to join their protest on Saturday between 11-2 at the shelter.

As for actions by the board that met on Wednesday night no further details or information has been released