Purchasing two vehicles will make Cheyenne safer

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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (KGWN) - Two items on the city council agenda involve improving our safety here in Cheyenne. Purchasing two vehicles will make Cheyenne even more safe.

Dicky Shanor, president of Cheyenne City Council, says, "We’re trying to give the police department the tools and technology they need to do their job at the high level."

With a new mobile surveillance, this trailer could be set up at suspicious locations. Then police would have the ability to monitor a situation remotely without using man power.

Shanor explains, "There’s few things harder than going out on the street and putting your life on the line. When there are new technologies available, to help them do their job better, we’re going to try and help them."

The police department says the van would be readily marked so you would be aware of its presence.

Another vehicle intended to help with Cheyenne safety is a one-in-stock truck for Cheyenne Fire and Rescue. Two of their trucks currently have service issues.

Since this is necessary now, the department looked for one ready to go. It was from Castle Rock, Colorado.