Recent arrests in Laramie County February 2-5

CHEYENNE, Wy.(KGWN)- Recent arrests in Laramie County from February 2-5:

Christopher Edrington, 45 – Public Intoxication, Possession of Meth
Dominick Green, 27 – Public Intoxication, Refusing to Obey, Open Container, Possession of Marijuana, Failure to appear
Jennifer Tribble, 55 – Public Intoxication
Martha Trujillo, 31 – Public Intoxication
Shane Wilcox, 34 – Violation of Protection Order, Domestic Assault
Trevor Walduck, 21 – Failure to appear, Possession of Marijuana
Derek Turman, 25 – District Court Warrant
Elora Trabold, 26 – Possession of Meth, Possession of Marijuana, Interference with a peace officer, Failure to appear warrant, Municipal Warrant
Charles Thompson, 25 – Interfering/Obstructing, Driving under Cancelled, suspended or revoked license, Failure to appear
George Synnot, 59 – NCIC Hit
Brenda Sutton, 32 – Probation Violation
Gerardo Cervantes-Barbosa, 50 – DUI, Open Container
Heather Gondek, 34 -DUI
Colton Stees, 22 – Failure to appear for no insurance
Natalie Seymore, 34 – Domestic Battery
Nevada Margaret Nelson Green, 19 – Motor vehicle theft, interference with a peace officer, Under influence controlled substance, NCIC Hit person
Angela Mondello, 46 – Failure to appear
Allin Martinez, 36 – Failure to appear (3 counts)
Barrian Jamison, 24 – Failure to register as a sex offender, violation of protection order
Tyler Hernandez, 25 – Misdemeanor possession plant form, Speeding 78 in a 70
Zackary Grant, 26 – District Court Warrant for probation violation
Stephanie Glandt, 26 – Possession of marijuana, Failure to pay
Dareck Girten, 27 – Resisting arrest, refusing to obey
Daniel Gamino, 58 – NCIC Hit Person
Shane Fitzmorris, 22 – Wyoming Warrant, Failure to appear
Matthew Douglass, 33 – Failure to appear
Brandon Diaz Campos, 19 – Possession greater than 3 oz, Possession with intent to deliver
Carl Butler, 24 – Failure to pay, motor vehicle theft
Rocsand Bocanegra, 38 – Municipal Warrant
Austen Barraclough, 26 – Unauthorized use of a vehicle, Possession of controlled substance, operating with improper registration, Possession of powdery substance, Possession of LCD Type Drug, Possession of Marijuana
Calvin Aiken, 18 – Failure to pay
Terry Lafave, 61 – DUI, Improper right turn
Richard Knowlton, 40 – DUI, Failure to maintain lane
Janel Sherar, 38 – DUI, Open container
Nicholas Shields, 34 – DUI, Failure to maintain lane
Shawn Arradondo, 30 – Possession of Meth, Possession Sch IV CS, Possession of Other Dangerous Drug (3 counts)

All arrests were made by Cheyenne Police and Laramie County Sheriff's Office. All parties are innocent until proven guilty.