Recent arrests in Laramie County, March 7th

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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (KGWN) - Justin Clark II, 27, Failure to pay, Possession of amphetamine

Brad Craft, 22, Court Order

Christine Carabajal-McDonald, 31, Under influence of controlled substance

Tyler Caldwell, 22, Probation violation, Possession cocaine, Expired registration

Conway Cadotte, 42, Public intoxication

Christopher Brahney, 50, Public intoxication, Urinating in public

Calvin Aiken, 18, Stalking, serious injury

Roberta Chavez, 48, DUI, Driving under cancelled license, Possession of marijuana, Failure to maintain lane

Dennis Robinson, 56, Failure to appear

Adam Sharif, 27, Possession of meth

Maria Sanchez, 31, Court order

Kelsey Leonard, 30, DUI, Probation violation

Tessa Kochery, 20, Warrant, failure to appear

Erica Howard, 33, Possession meth, possession cocaine, Possion in pill form, Suspended drivers license