Recent arrests in Laramie County, March 9 - 11

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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (KGWN) - Recent arrests in Laramie County, March 9 - 11

All parties are considered innocent until proven guilty.

Michael Mollman, 33, DUI, Careless driving
Marissa Miears, 18, Failure to appear
Lance McCartney, 48, Court order
Elizabeth Martinez, 32, Failure to appear
Marlon Lesley, 45, Domestic battery
Matthew Koupal, 23, DUI, Careless driving, Notice to police, Proof of liability insurance
David Hernandez, 33, Possession of meth
Desirae Hayes, 28, domestic battery
Andre Gunn, 19, Failure to pay
Glenn Green, 41, Protection order violation
Stacy George, 34, Possession/use of marijuana
Gabriel Garcia, 32, Failure to appear, Interference with peace officer
Brian Danaher, 27, DUI
Bruce Belvill, 54, Failure to appear
Bradley Batts, 33, Failure to pay, Possession of marijuana
Timothy Archer, 36, Public intoxication
Miriah Woody, 33, Failure to appear warrant
Christopher Webber, 28, Possession of marijuana, Suspended license, Turn signal
Ezra Tobacco, 37, Public intoxication, resist arrest, Profane, obscene, provocative language, Open container
Cameron Thompson, 21, Domestic battery
Jessie Swinford, 29, Court order
Marty Singleton, 46, DUI
Luis Ramirez, 23, Unlawful entry, Fighting, riotous conduct
Angelo Ramirez, 26, Domestic battery, Failure to appear
Michelle Quiles, 37, District warrant, possession of meth, Possession of cocaine
Amber Owen, 24, District court warrant