Recent arrests in Laramie County from Nov. 9-12

CHEYENNE, Wy.(KGWN)- Recent arrests in Laramie County between Nov. 9 – 12:

Antwoine Williamson, 27 – NCIC Hit
Cory Vellieux, 27 – Interference with a Peace Officer, Domestic Battery
Michael Taylor, 43 – DUI Controlled Substance
Ronald Stringer, 40 – Domestic Battery, Failure to Comply
Adam Sharif, 27 –Possession of open container, Possession of Meth, Possession of Marijuana
Courtnay Schoeneberg, 36 – Failure to appear
Neal Samson, 55 – Failure to appear
Ronald Romero, 39 – Domestic Battery
Christopher Rivera, 26 – Driving under cancelled, suspended or revoked license, Failure to stop at red flashing light
Philip Reed, 47 – DUI
Angelo Ramirez, 26 – Public intoxication, Unlawful entry into house
Jeremiah Parker, 38 – District Court warrant – probation violation, Failure to appear, NCIC Hit person
Devonne Pandullo, 19 – Failure to appear
Tyler Neighbors, 34 – Failure to appear, Failure to comply
James Miller, 53 – DUI, Possession of controlled substance in plant form
Claude Miller, 61 – Probation Violation
Jacob Hutchins, 23 – Possession of marijuana and possession of heroin
Corey Hudson, 31 – Stolen Property – Felony, Theft
Robert Horner, 57 – Check Fraud
Ronald Hoback, 36 – P/P Violator arrest
Alan Hernandez, 26 – Public Intoxication, Fighting, Riotous conduct
Patrick Hardie, 50 – Public Intoxication
Zadrian Gonzales, 25 – Interference with a peace officer, Possession of powdery substance, drivers license, parking on roadway
Shelby Girten, 21 – NCIC Hit Person, Domestic Battery, Warrant, Simple Assault
Rheanna Dowdell, 27 – Failure to Pay
Veronica Curren, 32 – Wyoming Warrant, Refusing to obey, speeding
Jason Colcombe, 36 – Possession of Meth
Alexander Colburn, 31 – Criminal Entry, Destruction Property
Katrina Charging, 28 – Domestic Battery
Troy Casper, 44 – Domestic Battery, Interference with a peace officer, Destruction of property
Craig Bruner, 40 – DUI, Failure to maintain lane
Nikon Brandon, 30 – Public Intoxication
Stephen Bonham, 36 – Possession of Meth, Possession of controlled substance 3rd time or more
Cody Ahrens, 26 – Sale/Del of Meth, 2 counts of Sale/Del of Cocaine, Heroin Ect., Possession of Meth, Controlled Substance in pill form

Arrests were made by Cheyenne Police and the Laramie County Sheriff’s Office. All parties are innocent until proven guilty.