Recent arrests in Laramie County on February 2

CHEYENNE, Wy.(KGWN)- Recent arrests in Laramie County on February 2:

Brian Bell, 46 – Public Intoxication, Profane Language
Dino Benjamin-Ray Zumbo, 27 – P/P Violator Arrest
Andrew Rebarchek, 27 – Wyoming Warrant for Probation Revocation with original charge of DWUI, Failure to Pay warrant with original charge of driving without interlock device
James Paiva, 23 – Failure to appear, Failure to comply, Domestic Battery, Suspended Driver’s License
Charles Mayfield, 55 – Failure to appear, Interference with Peace officer, Possession of Meth
Natalie Mathew, 39 – Felony Distribution of Meth, Felony Possession of Meth
Denis Girard, 69 – Aggravated Assault threaten with deadly weapon
Sean Gibbons, 43 – Public Intoxication
Dominique Fleury, 21 – Unlawful Entry onto property, Disobey rules, resisting arrest
Rose Dunivent, 50 – Failure to appear
Matthew Douglass, 33 – Domestic Battery
Felix Carrera, 26 – Interference with a peace officer, failure to appear (3 counts)
John Birgenheier, 40 – Failure to appear
Paul Bell, 56 – Refusing to obey, Public Intoxication

All arrests were made by Cheyenne Police and Laramie County Sheriff’s Office. All parties are innocent until proven guilty.

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