Recent arrests in Laramie County on January 29

CHEYENNE, Wy.(KGWN) - Recent arrests in Laramie County on January 29:

Matthew Dausman, 32 – Aggravated Assault threat with a weapon, Disarming Peace officer, Aggravated Assault on a peace officer, Burglary Aggravated Att. Injury
John Atkinson, 53 – Wyoming warrant
Bruce Belvill, 54 – Possession of CS in plant form, NCIC Hold
Steve Bottger, 64 – Probation Violation
Collin Cadotte 42 – Failure to Pay, Failure to Comply
Keith Coffelt, 23 – Incapable of Safely Driving DUI-D, Speeding, No Auto Insurance, Failure to Maintain lane, Possession of Controlled Substance Plate >3oz
Michael Gulillem – DUI alcohol
Fabian Hernandez, 20 – Motor vehicle theft, felony >$1000
Tessa Kochery, 20 – Possession of Controlled Substance

All arrests were made by Cheyenne Police and Laramie County Sheriff’s Office. All parties are innocent until proven guilty.

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