Recycling in Cheyenne

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CHEYENNE, Wyo - In our monthly series with City of Cheyenne Public Works, Dave Ruiz stopped by to explain more about the city's recycling program.

Cheyenne has collected close to 3,300 tons of recyclable material. The city wants to remind residents about contamination issues, when the program started three years ago contamination was only at 3%, however that has now grown to 13%, still better than the average of 25% to 30% contamination.

The city wants to remind you what can be recycled, paper, cardboard, plastics one through seven, aluminum cans and tin cans, when you go to recycle and it's windy out you can also put them in a bag for the sanitation workers to pick up, not only does it help them but it keeps your yard and the city clean.

The yardwaste program begins again in April to help keep items out of the waste stream, yardwaste will go to the landfill. In fact, the landfill is no longer at capacity and instead of taking Cheyenne trash to Ault, Colo, the trash is going back into the Cheyenne landfill saving the city money.

For more information on recycling in the city check out the interview from the morning show.