Rest in peace, Charlie Douthit

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CHEYENNE, Wyo. How do you measure ones life?

I think everyone has their own subjective way. For most I'd imagine, it's how you treat others, your kindness, your heart and how you make others feel when they're around you.

The first time I met Charlie Douthit, I felt like I was saying hello to a friend I'd known my whole life.

The name may not be familiar, but he's a face you'd probably recognize if you've ever been to an East football or basketball game.

For the past twenty years, Charlie was the right hand man to public address announcer Weldon Borgaard. He was his eyes.

When I filmed a story on the two last year, Douthit told me., He can't see and I can't remember, so we make a great team." Boy was that an understatement.

After that, I'd be lucky enough to chat with Douthit a few more times, mostly at basketball games, and it was remarkable in so few meetings what you can tell and feel about a person.

For Charlie it was so easy to see he loved this community, he relished the town of Worland where he grew up, he was so proud of his grandson, Laramie quarterback Taylor Dodd. Most of all, he loved working alongside Weldon and just enjoyed being involved with local kids and local sports.

I honestly think it was because Charlie was truly a kid at heart.

He passed away peacefully Monday in his Cheyenne home.

If there's one guy who can see us from up above, it's you Mr. Douthit

May you rest in peace.