School Finance Maintenance and Construction Bills

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Cheyenne, Wyo. - After years of relying on coal lease bonuses, the schools across Wyoming have struggled in recent years with finding the necessary funding to keep up with maintenance and construction.

Lawmakers are incorporating school budget into this years budget session. House bill 32 and house bill 33 are among a few of the bills discussed by the house today relating to school funding.

Both came out of the school facilities select committee, and they aim to make sure schools have the necessary funding to go through with the major maintenance and new construction process over these next two years by assuring the money goes as far as it can.

"We want to make sure that our kids have the best opportunity to move forward and succeed," Representative Landon Brown said. "Without that opportunity, we would definitely struggle making sure that we attract the right teachers, and making sure that we have the right students success course. We want to make sure that we have that availability. And without that type of funding, we can't guarantee that. "

These bill are now on their third reading, and lawmakers are hopeful the bill will be moving on to the senate.