Sec. Murray not seeking reelection amid new sexual misconduct allegations

CHEYENNE, Wy.(KGWN)- Reports circulating online on Tuesday allege a second woman is making sexual misconduct allegations against Wyoming Secretary of State Ed Murray.

The accuser is Theresa Sullivan Twiford who is the daughter of former Wyoming Governor, Michael Sullivan. According to her Facebook Theresa is from Casper but now lives in Virginia.

Secretary Murray issued the following statement on Tuesday regarding the new allegations:

“The Murray and the Sullivan families have been friends for several decades and I am deeply concerned and saddened about the allegations surrounding New Year’s Eve, 1988. I’ve read Theresa’s statement, as well as Mike and Jane’s, and fully appreciate the difficulty expressed in each one. As a husband and father, I’m also able to grasp the enormity of the pain and unconditional support of those you love and cherish the most.

To be certain, I have absolutely no recollection of this incident whatsoever and, as such, will not engage in any conjecture about it in the media.

I ran for public office to serve my fellow citizens and bring positive change to help make Wyoming a better place to live and work. It’s a great privilege to serve as the Secretary of State of Wyoming and I will continue to work diligently throughout the remainder of my term. However, I’ve decided that I will not seek reelection or run for higher office in 2018. There will be other great candidates who can lead our State forward. I’m blessed to have the wife and family of my dreams and, in the end, we’re strong and united together.”

CBS Newschannel5 reached out to Theresa to find out her side of the story and why she is coming out now with the allegations, but haven’t heard back.

The allegations come just 1 month after another Wyoming woman posted on Facebook that she was assaulted by Secretary Murray over 30 years ago. The woman alleged the incident happened when they were working together at a Cheyenne Law Firm. In her post she said she was inspired by the #Metoo movement and her daughters to come forward.

Secretary Murray has since denied those allegations as well.

Theresa Sullivan's parents, Mike and Jane Sullivan released the following statement on Tuesday:

"Wyoming is a small community. This issue represents a difficult issue for everyone involved, Jane and me included.

The Murrays (Ed Murray’s parents) and their children including Ed were and have been friends and very supportive of our family while and since we lived in Cheyenne and we remain grateful for their friendship.
To even consider asking our daughter Theresa to not comment would only serve to compound her pain related to the original incident and would be contrary to attributes we tried to instill in our children as we were raising them; independence, courage, values and honesty. In arriving at her admittedly difficult decision Theresa has exercised these attributes and she has our unconditional support."

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