Sole Powerball winner comes forward to claim prize

BRAINTREE, MA. (KGWN)- There was one sole winner in Wednesday's record setting $758.7 million Powerball jackpot.

The winner, Mavis Wanczyk, spoke at a news conference Thursday (8/24) in Braintree, MA. Mavis, a 53 year old hospital worker, says winning is a "pipe dream," adding she picked the numbers randomly.

Mavis says she wants to "hide in her bed" while figuring out what she will do with the winnings. She has chosen to take the lump sum payment of about $336 million after taxes.

The prize is the largest jackpot won by a single lottery ticket in U.S. history.

The owner of the store that sold the lone winning ticket says he's donating the store's $50,000 prize to several local charities.

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