Southwest tests new exit strategy for travelers

Dallas, Tx. - Getting off of a Southwest Airlines plane may soon be twice as fast.
The airline company is testing a new way to let passengers exit using the doors at both the front and back. Passengers in the back would take a staircase to the tarmac before heading inside to the terminal

Southwest is trying to figure out if this plan would save time and make it is easier for travelers.

Right now the experiment is just happening at both Sacramento and San Jose International airports.

“The test period will help the carrier determine when to use dual door deplaning and to identify whether or not this process can be expanded to more airports across the network,” Southwest spokeswoman Casey Dunn said.

Southwest is also rolling out their first new uniform in 20 years. The design of the new modern uniforms took nearly three years and has nearly 70 garment pieces that employees can mix and match.