A stabbing in Cheyenne is under investigation

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CHEYENNE, Wyo (RELEASE) -- Monday, August 14 around 7:30, deputies from Laramie County Sheriff's department responded to the area of 505 Williams on the report of a stabbing.

When deputies arrived they found a 21 year old male from Houston, TX had been stabbed approximately eight times. Once in the neck, once on his left side of his back and six times in the lower back area. None of his injuries appear to be life threatening at this time. The victim was transported to Cheyenne Regional Medical Center where he remains at the time.

The victim's brother and at least two other people were present when the stabbing happened, but no one is cooperating with law enforcement. The victim and his brother were at a party at 505 Williams when an argument ensued and then went outside, that is when the stabbing happened.

Detectives will continue to investigate the incident, the knife was not found at the scene and no arrests have been made.