Stand Your Ground bill passes the Senate

CHEYENNE, Wy.(KGWN)- A self-defense bill is moving forward in the Wyoming legislature.

The Stand Your Ground law allows the use of defensive force, and that topic is being brought up this session.

If passed, Wyoming could become one of 24 other states with these statues as the Senate approved the bill on a final reading. However, the bill was changed quite drastically on the floor.

Laramie and Goshen County Senator Anthony Bouchard is the sponsor behind this bill and says it would expand the states existing "castle doctrine."

"What we are doing here is moving those protections outside of your front door,” said Sen. Bouchard, “anywhere you have a legal place to be"

Seven senators tried to strike down the measure on the third reading on Wednesday. One of those who voted no was Senator Anselmi-Dalton of Sweetwater County. "I was concerned that we maybe should take this topic to the interim and maybe come up with a bill...when taking a lot of statues and throwing it at a body that aren't prosecutors and involved in the criminal justice system; its just maybe not ready for prime time."

While immunity and other major parts of bill were gutted in 2nd reading, a last reading amendment by Senator Scott gives an innocent person a possible defense option in court.

This bill now heads to the House for consideration.

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