Students are learning what it takes to become a successful chef

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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (KGWN) - From Triumph High School to Little America, students are learning what it takes to become a successful chef.

Chef Scott, of Little America, says, "If you’re goal oriented or you don’t mind challenges, it’s for that type of person.”

Little America has signed Wyoming's Apprenticeship Youth Program. Penny Fletcher, HR Manager for Little America, explains, “We’re building a candidate and applicant pool for high demand jobs.”

Triumph High School has a hospitality Culinary Arts program. Now students can do an internship to learn what it takes to become a chef.

First, interested students can shadow Chef Scott and other Little America experts. Then if students are interested in pursuing a culinary/hospitality career, they can apply for the Apprenticeship Program.

The culinary portion of the program lasts roughly three years, so this apprenticeship is designed to go beyond high school and get students ready for a career.

Interested students at Triumph High School should talk with Dr. Michelle Aldrich at the high school.