Talking with our youth about finances and rock & roll

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CHEYENNE, Wyo.- Funding the Future, a nonprofit organization in Cheyenne, is helping teach young people about the importance of managing and saving money. But before the presentation, students get the pleasure of a mini rock and roll concert to help grab their attention. The rock band GOODING has played an "instrumental" part in the learning process, and the lead singer singer himself, Gooding, says it's a great way to share the band's financial history to help teach youth to start saving and be responsible.

Schools and groups across the country including New York, Nebraska, Wyoming and several other states will get to receive a special visit during the group's spring 2017 Financial Literacy Tour. Rita Pouppirt from Funding the Future says they have managed to reach 70,000 students since 2014.

Among those schools, Central High School and the Cheyenne Boys and Girls Club will also receive a visit from the group and band on April 4.

DECA student from Central High School, Beau Brown, said the students helped bring in GOODING to give students a fun and valuable lesson. Brown says many of his peers are excited about the creative lesson they'll receive.

Governor Matt Mead will also be signing the group's 4th proclamation for Wyoming Financial Literacy month that same afternoon at 3:15pm.

For more information about GOODING and the spring tour, check out the full morning interview.