Tearing down a Cheyenne building to help the city grow

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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (KGWN) - The Old Cupids building, 509 West 17th street...that's what was discussed tonight with the historic preservation board.

The question at hand was should this building be demolished and why?

The owners of the old Cupids building want to redevelop the area.

Stephanie Lowe, of Planning and Development, says, “This building is in a unique location since it’s on the western border of downtown, but also on the eastern border of the west edge district.”

Owners are hoping to grow the area with residential spaces. To do this, the building would have to be demolished.

Lowe explains, “It was uncovered that that building was the last remaining structure physically connecting the Japanese town we used to have in Cheyenne in that area to that history that we have.”

The question is, do we tear down a historic building in the hopes of helping Cheyenne grown?

The board voted in favor, as long as owners include a sign explaining the area's historical importance.