The Boys & Girls Club of Cheyenne is accepting registration for the summer program

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CHEYENNE, Wyo - Summer break is a few weeks away. Many kids may forget what they learned in school over the three month break or they may get bored.

The Boys & Girls Club of Cheyenne is accepting registration for the summer program.

Not only do the youth need support during the school year, but also during the summertime. School is out in just a few short weeks, so the Club is preparing for any fun and educational summer.

The summer program begins on June 11 and will run for 10 weeks. The Club opens at 7:30 in the morning and is open until 6:00 in the evening. With the long days during the summer, we feed the kids breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack. The Club accepts youth ages 6-18.

This summer, there will be fun weekly themes which incorporate our Cowboy Ethics character building program as well as our Summer Brain Gain activities.

Summer Brain Gain focuses on keeping the kids up on their reading, math and science skills. The first year, the Club ran Summer Brain Gain, 70% of the target group who maintained or increased their MAP scores when then went back to school in the fall.

That is especially important because kids can lose as much as 3 months of learning over the summer and it takes them so long to try and catch up in the fall when they go back to school.

New this year a program called Write Brain Books where the kids actually write their own books. There is also computer science coding classes and the flight camp. All activities are age appropriate so the teens can participate without being treated like a little kid.

If you are wanting to sign up contact the Club at 778-6674 or by stopping in at 515 West Jefferson Road.

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