The Race for Governor Continues

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Cheyenne, Wyo. - There are 10 candidates in the race for Wyoming's Governor.

And here are a few of their priorities:

"I think it's the economy the economy the economy." Republican Bill Dahlin said. "Because it touches the funding for education, it touches the funding for health care, and it touches the funding of any kind of programs that we have out there."

"The priorities are I think to lead the state in a way that everybody wins," Republican Foster Friess said. "And so we have so much land here we have opportunities for the drilling people and the hunters and the recreational people and so lets try to harness that so that so we have multiple uses for everything."

"I think we need to end the boom and bust cycle which has plagued Wyoming through out its history." Democrat Mary Throne said. "We have to get our fiscal house in order we. We have to ensure we maintain a top quality education system. We need to get jobs for a younger demographic in Wyoming, and health care."

"The efficiency of our state government, cost savings, those types of things," Republican Sam Galeotes said. "So I think its incumbent on the next governor whoever they are to walk into the office and make sure they look closely at the efficiency of how the state is operating."

Voter registration closes August 6, and the primaries are August 21.