The city is buying property to keep residents safe

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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (KGWN) - The house on 2247 East 19th is located right off the Pershing Boulevard/Converse Avenue/19th Street roundabout. The home has no street access or alley access for parking.

Rocky Case, of the Cheyenne city Council, says, “It’s my opinion and several others that this property should have been purchased when the original construction took place. “

The only way to park at this location is to take a hard right into the driveway immediately after coming off the roundabout.

Case explains, “And hoping that there’s no one behind you and if they are that they’re paying attention so that you don’t get rear ended.”

It's dangerous to enter the property, dangerous to leave, and also a safety concern for workers coming to pick up trash.

Entering and leaving aren't the only problems associated with this property... Mary Rose Ramirez, property owner, says, “There’s constant accidents. It’s almost daily and it’s something you never get used to. I’ve seen three or four crashes in one day.”

Because of this, Ramirez, who has been at this location well before the roundabout and its accompanied problems, hasn't been able to sell her house.

City Council voted to have the city purchase this location so that everyone stays safe.