The community is invited to give feedback on sage-grouse management

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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (KGWN) - Currently sage-grouse in Wyoming are not endangered; however the Bureau of Land Management wants to make sure this doesn't change.

Kristen Lenhardt, Director of Communications for BLM Wyoming, says, "There are different activities through the birds’ life cycle that are potentially detrimental activities, so we take a look at what those are."

The BLM wants to make sure sage-grouse aren't being harmed, especially during critical periods like mating seasons.

Lenhardt explains, "Potentially providing timing restrictions to ensure that the bird is thriving to the best of its ability during its life cycles."

This involves any kind of disruptive activities like noise and development.

According to Lenhardt, "There’s things that we take a look at to see if they actually have an impact and then we try to mitigate those impacts as much as possible."

Another goal includes having healthy, resilient sagebrush habitat that will benefit wildlife and local economies in the future.

To protect sage-grouse, the BLM believes communication is key.

If you would like to give your suggestions, contact BLM Wyoming greater sage-grouse lead, Erica Husse, at 307-775-6318.