The complexity status for Cheyenne VA has changed

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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (KGWN) - Cheyenne's VA Complexity Status has been changed from a two to a three, and although that sounds like a major development...the VA says it really isn't.

No veterans going in for help will be impacted. They'll receive the same type of care they received a month or even a year ago.

What it will change is the pay rate for their executive leaders, like director Paul Roberts. ..but again, not really. The VA says his current pay will remain the same, but if he leaves the VA could evaluate the job and the next director could be paid less.

A level three complexity rating basically means they can do little to no teaching or research. It's based on nine categories, but the Cheyenne VA suspects their status has changed because those categories changed.

The Cheyenne VA points out they're actually doing more procedures than they were a year ago. This is thanks to their new Residential Rehab Facility.

They're also one of the fastest growing VAs in the region...with a seven to ten percent increase each year in the number of veterans they are seeing.