The reaction to the 6th Penny Election

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PINE BLUFFS AND BURNS, Wyo. (KGWN) - Residents have been responding differently to the 6th Penny Election results. For some, it was a success. While others are wondering how they're going to keep everything going without enough funds.

The mayor of Pine Bluffs says, "I’m very happy with the outcome and really appreciate the voters support on these propositions. It’s really important to Pine Bluffs and the residents."

With their passage, propositions five, eight, or nine, will provide greatly needed funds to help the town of Pine Bluffs.

The community of Burns badly needed money that proposition six and seven would have provided.

The mayor of Burns explains, "The biggest one that didn’t pass has to do with the topography of the streets and getting gutters in so that we can drain the town."