Threatening Scam

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CHEYENNE, Wyo - We all have probably answered the phone and it ends up being a scam or a solicitation. But what happened last week in Cheyenne was flat out frightening people.

An individual claiming to be an EMT at the scene of a wreck, calls you and says that one of your family members was involved, at fault, and that the hospital needs information. Sounds like your typical scam so far. But it takes a quick turn when people refuse to give personal information, because the individual then threatens to kill that family member.

The Cheyenne Police Department says that they have received over a dozen complaints regarding this scam. In fact, one lady even walked into the police department with the guy still on the phone. She handed the phone to one of the officers who then talked to the individual, before he threatened to kill her father, who was said to have been in a wreck, and then hung up. The officer went with the lady to see if her father, who is elderly and has dementia, is alright. He was.

One of the other victims included a 13-year-oild girl. The number that showed up on her phone was from Utah, where she had family members. The caller told her that a member of her family had been in a bad wreck here in Cheyenne, and that they needed information. Her mother, there in the room, took the phone and talked to this individual for a while. Things escalated but before it could get really bad, she hung up. Also in the room was the teenagers grandmother, Gina. Gina says that all of them were really shaken up from this incident. She says that her granddaughter was really scared because she said, "What if I had answered the phone and you guys weren't here? I don't know what to tell people. I probably would've given everything they wanted!"

After witnessing what happened, Gina has a warning to those who have kids, "Warn your kids, your little teenagers, your littler teenagers. Don't answer calls from people they don't know."