Trailer park residents have until January to fix violations

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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (KGWN) - Several residents in a south Cheyenne trailer park are now on notice. They have until January 2nd to get their trailers up to city code, or risk their homes being condemned.

This comes after inspections in October revealed a dire situation – four occupied trailers without electricity, gas, water, or sewer services. They were deemed unsafe and unlivable.

While the trailer park itself has been criticized by city officials, the notices were posted on these four trailers alone.

But Lori Kempter, the Executive Director for Family Promise says more action may be coming. After a meeting with the Mayor in October, Kempter was under the impression that a 10 month plan would be looked at to help the trailer park and its residents. But Kempter says that later communication revealed that some city officials don’t want the trailer park fixed.

“Pete Laybourn said that 'This trailer park is going away. I don't want it fixed, I want it gone.'” Lori told NewsChannel 5, “And then we again had a meeting with the mayor who essentially said the same thing."

When asked if getting rid of the trailer park was on the table, Mayor Orr said that it’s really not up to her – it’s up to the owner.

"It's not up to the city itself to make that determination. Really, it's up to the property owner to meet city code." The mayor said.

Mayor Orr also says the root of the problem is homelessness in Cheyenne, and that the four trailers in question are a result of vulnerable people being taken advantage of and given false hope.

“They were given these trailers without knowing the trailers were not safe." She said.

For now, the line has been drawn, and residents are left with a ticking clock and an uncertain future.