Triumph High School students are learning about agriculture

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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (KGWN) - October is National Farm to School month. Thousands of schools, farms, and communities are joining in to celebrate food education.

For Triumph High School, it might as well be farm to school month all school year round. These students continually learn about agriculture with a vertical garden.

Michelle Aldrich, a teacher at Triumph High School, says the garden is used for "learning and teaching our students about food production and how that goes from production straight to the table."

Three years ago, Triumph High School received a grant from the Cheyenne School Foundation to purchase a vertical Garden.

Everything starts in the classroom from seeds. Then they are moved to the vertical garden, which is kept inside a room at school with grow lights and no windows.

The plans continually receive water. It drips down and is from a pump, much like a fish pond.

Right now, the students are growing herbs. Once they're ready, they will be used in the classroom setting and the school-based enterprise called Triumph Catering.

Aldrich explains, "That does about one hundred jobs a year."

The students do everything from preparing the food to delivering it to the community, while learning that it all starts with agriculture.

In Cheyenne, the prime growing season is when Triumph High School is on summer vacation. This garden allows the students to produce products at any time of the year.

By learning about plants young, students can decide if they want to pursue studies in horticulture.