USVI Representative urges Congress to act on relief package for hurricane devastated island

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WASHINGTON (Gray DC) -- Congresswoman Stacey Plaskett is pushing Congress to take notice of her district.

“There is a small area of the United States which is part of the United States called the Virgin Islands of the United States which is not getting that attention," Plaskett (D-USVI-At Large) said.

The Representative of the US Virgin Islands called together members of the Congressional Black Caucus to remind lawmakers that these islands are not forgotten.

“I know that can kind of be frustrating for people to believe that the Americans are not aware of what their problems are," she added.

Plaskett said while its important places like Puerto Rico and California, dealing with their own devastating situations aren’t forgotten, she said the USVI seems to have fallen through the cracks.

Plaskett recently had the chance to show Vice President Mike Pence the damage as he visited the islands and ask him for the administrations help.

“What is going to be needed to adequately rebuild the island and the opportunity that the federal government had in terms of creating a more resilient place and place that really could be a flagship of American greatness in the Caribbean,' Plaskett said.

Plaskett said Pence gave a commitment to her that the federal government is in this for the long haul. Plaskett said it really all comes down to what happens on Capitol Hill.

“What I am looking for is not what the President says but what Congress is going to do because Congress has the responsibility of the territory and it’s Congress that will be the one to approve any measure," she said.

With calls from Congresswoman Plaskett to help the people on her island the House passed a relief package last week. It is still waiting for movement in the senate before it can had to President Trumps’ desk for approval.

Two Disaster Recovery Centers opened Tuesday on the island of St. Thomas to provide help for survivors.

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