Voting Day: Discussing the 6th Penny Ballot

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CHEYENNE, Wyo.- The ballot has nine propositions, 44 projects- all totaling more than $118 million. If residents have not already cast their early or absentee vote, the Laramie County Board of Commissioners says voters should get out this Tuesday and cast their vote in the Laramie County Specific Purpose Sales and Use Tax.

Troy Thompson of the Laramie County Board of Commissioners says the 6th Penny Ballot allows Laramie County residents the option to decide what their tax dollars will go toward on projects that wouldn't be accomplished on general funding alone. Thompson says, especially with Wyoming's economy, residents can still decide what projects are the most important to their community and tax themselves one cent on every dollar toward those projects.

Thompson said after the previous 6th Penny Ballot from 2012 where almost $83 million worth of projects passed, the Laramie County Board of Commissioners started preparing the 2017 ballot about 18 months before the actual voting day. And it's not just for Cheyenne residents either. Thompson said the ballot includes projects from Laramie County, Cheyenne, Pine Bluffs, Albin and Burns.

With several projects on the ballot, Thompson says the 6th Penny Election is one of the most exciting and important elections for the public- it affects you directly. Thompson said, "Elections are always exciting, but when you look at the 6th Penny Ballot, you’ve got projects you can go in as a person of Laramie county, see the project on the ballot, vote for the project or against the project, and then you can see that project come to fruition.”

Some of the main projects include the construction of the Christenson road overpass, the expansion and remodel of the Laramie County Courthouse, expansion of the Laramie County Detention Center and the design and construction of a multipurpose facility out at the Archer Complex. Thompson says the other five propositions include other small projects that are grouped together that come from different entities.

Overall, the 6th Penny Ballot is not just about your individual community, but it's recommended to also think outside to other communities and their needs. Thompson added, " Just go vote. Whether you like the projects, whether you don’t like the projects- go vote."