Voting test held for sixth penny sales and use tax election

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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (KGWN) Voting tests were held for sixth penny sales and use tax at he Atrium in downtown Cheyenne.

Courtesy: MGN Online
Courtesy: MGN Online

The logic and accuracy test is required by statue and rules and ensures voters choices are accurately recorded.

Through the years Laramie County has become a leader in the voting process for Wyoming. With a system of several checks and balances the County Clerk says they know who checked in to vote and how many votes were cast.

Laramie County is also the first county in Wyoming to use voting centers and electronic pull books.

The testing involved going through a mock vote followed by checking the outcome to make sure all machines are running correctly. If any machines are malfunctioning the County clerk says they either take it out of service or repair it.

After testing the machines are sealed with security seals to make sure no one tampers with them.

Just under 42 thousand people registered to vote in Laramie County last November and all but 650 voted in the general election.