CRMC shares ways to avoid injury in the snow

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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (KGWN) - With several amounts of snow expected to hit Cheyenne tomorrow, here's some tips recommended by the CRMC to stay safe in the snow:

1. Stay warm, and try to stay inside. If outside, wear a jacket and wear at least three layers of clothing, and also wear a hat.

2. If walking outside, walk like a penguin, and have your arms extended out, and take little steps. This method is likely to keep you more balanced, and less likely to slip and fall on ice.

3. When shoveling snow, lift with your legs. If you shovel snow the improper way, it can lead to serious injuries, such as chest pains, and a possibly heart attacks.

4. If chest pains occur while shoveling snow, call 911. Driving to the emergency room in severe snow conditions isn't safe when experiencing possible heart attack symptoms.

5. When entering a garage, wipe your shoes off before stepping on the ground. Garage floors tend to be slippery, it's important to be careful walking in a garage in order to prevent a fall.