What economic impact will CABA have?

Cheyenne, Wyo. (KGWN) - Seventeen teams are coming to Cheyenne from a variety of places, each traveling with about twenty players and their families. This is all for the CABA World Series.


Michael Skinner, of the City of Cheyenne, says, “You have to anticipate that it will bring in a pretty large sum of money. A rough, conservative amount of 100 thousand dollars that would hopefully generate during the tournament.”

Though who will take the championship is on everyone's mind, with the influx in people to our city, so is the economic impact this tournament will have.

Tony O’Brien, General Manager for Little America, explains, “I think that between the baseball tournament and we have conventions in house this week, there’s a lot of compression in the city, which is great.”

Hotels are quite busy and managers believe this will help city revenue.

O'Brien says, “I would say the nice thing about compression in the city, in terms of business…higher rates, more revenue, and there are tax dollars that we wouldn’t have seen to this capacity.”

Some officials and residents are optimistic that the visitors will see something they don't normally see at home and will want to return.