Winter Driving in Wyoming

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CHEYENNE, Wyo. -- The roads are being affected by this winter weather and one of the biggest things you can do to stay safe is to allow yourself a little more time to get from one place to the other.

And while this is a common theme when it comes to driving in bad weather, there’s another incentive to driving at safe speeds -- not getting a ticket.

In Wyoming, there is a State Statute that allows law enforcement to write a ticket if they feel drivers are travelling at an unsafe speed for the conditions -- regardless of the posted speed limit. Kevin Malatesta, Public Information Officer with the Cheyenne Police Department said, “If it’s too fast because it’s icy and you need to slow down, and you can’t stop, you’re going to fast and you need to slow down.”

It is also to make sure you clean off all of your windows and get all of the snow off of your car before you start driving. Officer Malatesta also said, “If you’ve got snow piled up on top of your vehicle, covering your rear window, it’s going to make an impact at some point in time and we don’t want that impact to end in an accident.”

When weather conditions are bad the Cheyenne Police Department may go into what is called an accident alert. This means if you’re in an accident, they only respond for things like injuries or suspected DUI, not for minor property damage. Officer Malatesta said, “If you are in an accident we ask you to move over to a safe spot, pull into a parking lot, exchange information with the other driver. That’s really all you need to do.”

A few other things in addition to slowing down and making sure you brush all of that snow off, make sure you’re leaving plenty of room between your car and that car in front of you. It does take longer to come to a complete stop when the roads are slick so that can help prevent some of those minor accidents. And remember to turn off that cruise control when you’re out on the highways.