Working in the Winter

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CHEYENNE, Wyo. -- Cheyenne Fire Rescue is always ready to respond to a call no matter the conditions. While the approach is always the same, there are some things that make it a little challenging. Fire Chief Hoggatt said, “Driveways full of snow, slick conditions, water can create ice. Our personnel working on the fire ground, there’s a lot of slips and falls issues and things associated with that. Overall cold, hypothermia, keeping them well hydrated is what we do there.”

Workers for the Board of Public Utilities are also always ready in case of a water break. Though Board of Public Utilities does try and give employees a chance to catch up on training webinars and certification classes when the temperatures are low, if there’s an emergency, they’re ready to go.

Similarly to Cheyenne Fire Rescue they are also concerned with making sure employees are safe when responding to water main breaks. Dealing with water in the cold has its own challenges. Chris Russell said, “It’s not a lot of fun, everything freezes up, your hands get cold real fast. Tools don’t want to work, your digits don’t want to work. It can be a real bear to deal with. But it’s something we do and a service we provide.”

There was a water main break today near the intersection of White Cloud and Old Trail Rd which did leave some homes without water. Typically the Board of Public Utilities is able to fix leaks within eight hours or so under normal conditions.