Wyoming AARP helps protect older adults from fraud

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Wyoming Wyoming AARP helps the community a lot, the Wyoming State Director Sam Shumway collaborates with the AARP Wyoming Executive Council, on what issues are impacting the aging population in the state and look at what steps need to be taken to influence those issues.

Research shows that more than $20 billion was stolen from about 13 million victims in 2012. Older adults tend to be bilked out of about $3 billion every year, causing AARP to dedicate a fraud watch team to protect all Americans from fraud and scams.

With the recent EquiFax breach that reached at least 143 million customers in the U.S. is frightening for many Sam Shumway stopped by the morning show to inform us there is a way you can look up to see if you have been affected.

EquiFax has created a website, the link is attached to the article, where consumers can find out if their personal data has been compromised. Consumers can also enroll for complimentary identity-theft protection and credit-file monitoring. The service is free for 12 months for consumer who sign up by November 21. There is a toll-free line you can call for additional questions at 866-477-7559. Check your credit report with the other two big credit bureaus, TransUnion and Experian and add fraud alert to your credit report.