Wyoming Game and Fish unveils new wetlands website

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Cheyenne, Wyo. - The Wyoming Game and Fish Department is unveiling a new website that is devoted entirely to Wyoming’s wetlands.

Those areas, found throughout the state, are arguably some of the most used and important habitat for wildlife in Wyoming. Wetlands are found between upland and aquatic systems and are the places that connect land and water. Wyoming has 9 priority wetland complexes with high densities of wetlands that support important plant and animal communities.

Wetlands provide valuable habitat to wildlife in what can be an otherwise dry and harsh environment. Many birds, mammals, amphibians and other animals require wetlands or riparian areas to survive, including as much as 70% of Wyoming’s bird species. Other wildlife use wetlands seasonally or during parts of their life cycle.

The website is a resource for the public to learn more about Wyoming’s wetland areas, as well as how Game and Fish and its partners are working to conserve them. You can check out that website here.